Think You Don’t Need Pharma Spend Compliance? Think Again.

Zafar Ahmed
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Zafar Ahmed
September 29, 2017

If you think your medical drug/device manufacturing company is too:

  • Small
  • Famous
  • Distant from the spotlight or
  • Historically compliant

To come under fire, think again.

The recent case of CMS terminating an HCO’s Medicare Benefits, is a cautionary case in point.

According to a report published on 28th September 2017, a California-based Eye Surgery and Laser Center will experience a termination of its Medicare provider agreement with CMS, effective 12th October 2017. The involuntarily termination follows CMS’ announcement of finding the surgery center “not in compliance with regulatory requirements for participation as an Ambulatory Surgery Center in the Medicare Program.”

The Center, which was named after one of the region’s most well-respected achievers, has been in establishment since 1959.


Zafar Ahmed

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