Starting The Year With Gratitude: Why Our Clients Stay With Us

Zafar Ahmed
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Zafar Ahmed
January 9, 2018

At qordata, we are blessed and grateful in that our oldest customers are still with us. It’s a privilege we never take for granted.

In fact, sometimes we go the other way and ask ourselves if we’d do the same if we were in their place. We are happy to say the answer is always a YES.

And of course, as analysts, it’s inevitable that our decisions steer clear of snap judgments and are backed by sound, quantified, rationale.

Save Time: Ever notice how your life’s best decisions demanded the most out of you the first time round? And nothing seemed as challenging ever after? Deciding on the right college, the right employer, the right car, the right house? (Even the right spouse)? Done right the first time, challenging decisions become easier and more rewarding. It’s like reaching that decision was the breakeven point for you. Everything after that will be rewarding.

Same with us. As a provider of pharma compliance analytics, and physician engagement solutions, qordata is not alone. And we know our clients have done a lot of homework before choosing us. It takes a lot of homework by qordata to be the right answer each time too.

Slash Costs: According to an article in HBR, your oldest customers are not supposed to be your most profitable. As a matter of fact, margins in such relationships tend to be so lean that it may even be wrong to think of them as customers.

Think of them as allies instead.

They place something with you which is more valuable than money: Their trust. Their reputation. They tell the industry you’re worth it.

Pace Counts: With the recent zeal buzzwords like “Agile” “Accelerate” and “Next generation” are making in the corporate workplace, it’s hard to think of good pace as anything but fast. And true enough, everyone in your value chain should not waste time. But that’s only one way of looking at pace. We propose two others:

  1. Keeping Pace With You: Can you have a long-term relationship with a vendor whose rate of innovation doesn’t match yours? Only in theory. The great thing about data-driven organizations (like qordata) is that our structure is fluid enough to absorb and match your rate of innovation. We do the grunge work so that you don’t have to.
  2. Staying Ahead Of The Industry: As a member of the global medical drug and device industry, you need competitiveness from your vendors. But not at a cost. At qordata, staying ahead of our competition is something we do in default mode. Everyone wins that way.



Zafar Ahmed

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Zafar Ahmed leads the Marketing & Sales function at qordata. For almost 9 years, he has been leading Digital Marketing for organizations in South Asia, Asia Pacific and North America. In each, he has made substantial, quantified additions to brand footprint, social media presence and brand equity. He is a frequent speaker on areas related to leveraging digital tools for brand augmentation and expanding customer outreach.