Apply Data Analytics to Decision Making

“Identify high-risk areas with a real-time overview of your spend. Spot and mitigate outliers and create a culture of advance spend analytics.


Compliance Insights

Start Your transparency journey with analytics

Independently test the correctness of your transparency data. Mitigate risks arising from the False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law liabilities. Create right thresholds for each nature of payment. Improve your data remediation process. Stay on top of your data year-round by applying analytics to decision-making

Analyze better

All the data you need, in one place. Use our multiple dashboards, and create custom ones to get clean, organized data that’s ready for multi-level analysis. Want to see spend per territory? Per physician? Per specialty or per drug? It’s all there.


Control Your Data

Have a spend pattern that doesn’t add up? Anxious about an emerging trend? Get all the benchmarks, instantly and in one place. With simple, visually appealing dashboards, you can instantly spot and drill-down any outlier. Use it to appoint your own internal controls and place flags.


Action At Right Time

This solution helps highlight and disintegrate all forms of corporate wrongdoing; whether it’s prescription fraud, off-label promotion, kickbacks or even vanilla-flavored creative accounting - Compliance Insights gets to the bottom of things. Always take action at a moment that’s exactly right.


Instant Data Representation

By 2015, CMS had published over 11.91 million records. You can have all that data, without going through each record.


Some questions need more than a report to answer. Get the answers you need, in the dashboards you want.


Horizontal or vertical, drill-up or drill-down. Get the figures right the first time on each stakeholder. Instantly and easily.


Give access to those you want to. Use your own data-sets with publicly available data to reach the right conclusion, every time.


Stop assuming. Start knowing. Set realistic targets for your sales and reporting teams by getting the latest industry data with just one click.

Thorough, Accurate & Cost-Effective

Get real-time updates, instantly and easily. Our solution is budget- and deadline-friendly.

Use Compliance Insights,
And Experience Analytics At Their Best

Spend Analytics

Enjoy the highest level of transparency and decision making with our custom solution for pharmaceutical spend analytics. We make pharmaceutical spend reporting quicker and easier.

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Compliance Insights - EU

Collecting data in an environment of high privacy is hard enough. Harder still is cleaning the data to distill useful results. This solution does all the work for you.

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Medicare Part D

Make it easier for your Compliance/Transparency team to identify and resolve potential Medicare fraud from within your own spend data.

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