GDPR Consulting

Is your organization ready?

Is Your Organization Ready?








qordata helps pharmaceutical companies assess the readiness of their systems and data workflows for GDPR. And that’s only the first step. Our expertise helps you reinforce your technological, legal and compliance structures so that your organization is completely secure from a data privacy perspective. With qordata’s GDPR Consulting services, you can be assured that everything that can be done to protect the personal data of natural persons is being done.

GDPR Compliance Coaching

Start by knowing what you don’t know. The great thing about qordata’s panel of GDPR experts and consultants is that they can identify existing structural shortcomings from the regulator’s perspective. We are globally mobile, which means that— based on our clients’ needs—we can provide interactive in-house, on-site and remote workshops. Each workshop is custom designed for pharmaceutical organizations, and reflects the many regulatory considerations they have to undertake in their operations. With qordata’s compliance coaching, you receive a detailed, introspective look into your organization’s compliance structures, and can easily complete a gap analysis between what is in place right now, and what you need to do to be fully GDPR compliant.


Data is growing. Globally. So are the regulatory concerns associated with data breach, poor data control and economic and social risks arising out of poor data management. In the context of personal data of natural persons, these risks are magnified manifold. Scrutinize your data infrastructure before you’re compelled to. Consulting services by qordata facilitate you via data discovery. This organization-wide initiative allows you to be thorough without being disruptive. In a methodical and systematic way, you can generate and maintain an extensive list of data, systems, workflows and processes that are susceptible to GDPR violation.

GDPR Health Check

Is there a safe way to simulate a GDPR-compliant system audit? There is, with qordata Consulting. Our experts can assess your data privacy risks and provide quantified, transparent output on where the greatest systemic vulnerabilities lie. You can know exactly how prepared your organization is from a GDPR compliance perspective, and how strong your checks and controls are, against potential threats. At the end of each gap analysis, qordata’s consultants provide practical assistance in reducing data privacy risks.

GDPR Technology Consulting

Medical drug and device manufacturers form one of the world’s largest and most dynamic industries. It’s hard to keep pace with market developments—most of which have long-term, transnational impact.

Take a holistic view. With qordata’s technology consulting services, you gain visibility into what needs to be done, specifically in your organization. Combining compliance knowledge with data expertise, we provide realistic, workable solutions on how to make your systems GDPR compliant, in the context of your specific market.

HCP Engage Portal

Appropriate disclosure of HCP (physicians’) data is amongst the biggest privacy concerns for pharmaceutical companies. Data breach concerns motivate quite a few physicians to withhold publication consent, making transparency a greater challenge for the pharmaceutical industry.

With its secure, robust, GDPR-compliant platform, qordata’s HCPEngage allays all those concerns. It maintains HCPs’ right to privacy through its portal, while still providing spend data transparency. With HCPEngage, physicians know that all their data privacy rights, including their right of access to personal information, right to erasure and data dispute resolution are protected. HCPEngage pairs this with a comprehensive dispute management workflow, configurable and customizable to your organization’s specific needs. If physicians need a reason to give you publication consent, this is it.