Beginner’s Guide To The GDPR

Beginner’s Guide To The GDPR

As one of the most detailed knowledge assets we have produced on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this guide is meant to help small and medium-sized entities adapt to the changing regulatory landscape brought on by data privacy laws.

The New Data Landscape

What is an organization’s biggest asset?

Less than two decades ago, this question would have received a subjective response, based on the organization’s line of business, its history, prospects and competitive space. But today, any organization—regardless of size or
geography—can answer this with one word: Data.

Introduction: Where Is The GDPR Coming From?

Contrary to popular belief, and the media hype that supports it, the GDPR is not new. It actually succeeds a previous directive on data privacy, the Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Why Does Data Privacy Matter So Much?

The GDPR is our most evolved understanding of what constitutes those intangible sources. As early as the 1990s, decision-makers in the EU foresaw the potentially pervasive pace at which developments in information technology were taking place, and how the subsequent automation they offered threatened human-beings’ control over data.

A history of privacy as a human right in EU also alludes to the darker possibilities that manifest when data control passes into the wrong hands, and why control over one’s personal data is a fundamental human right. But even if we look beyond the social scope of data privacy, there is enough on the commercial front to suggest that organizations need to do more to protect the personal data they store, control, process and transfer; and also that they are not doing enough.

Why Should Big Pharma Care About The GDPR?

The global pharma industry is not immune from data crime. In fact, cybercriminals target healthcare as a particularly lucrative sector.

Despite the threats, data security and data privacy remain under-explored focus areas for medical drug and device companies.

What You Need To Do To Be Prepared

As the team at qordata regularly emphasizes, pharmaceutical compliance with the GDPR starts from the inside out.







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Beginner’s guide to the GDPR