A Look Into What The EFPIA Physician Spend Numbers May Be Telling Us!

Ever since the first public disclosure was made under the EFPIA transparency directive on June 30th, 2016, the press had raised countless questions pertaining to the rates of consent received by pharma companies from physicians. Here’s a presentation by qordata’s Practice Leader Life Science, Ned Mumtaz, in which he presents an extensive overview of the EFPIA transparency directive and physician spend numbers. The presentation then moves to providing information about the countries that require and/or do not require consent. Here’s what you will learn about when you go through the presentation:

– Practices and strategies of pharma companies in EU countries to manage disclosure reporting and transparency

– Disclosed physician spend numbers from various member countries

– Rate of consent in various EU member countries

– Details of disclosed physician spend

– Initiatives taken by pharma companies to increase the rate of consent