Risks of Open Payments and Medicare Part D Data – Where Did Insys Go Wrong?

Insys Therapeutics Inc. was sued in the state of Arizona for providing illegal kickbacks to physicians for prescribing Insys’ drug Subsys – and this was done using the publicly available Open Payments and Medicare Part D data. The manufacturer settled this class action suit for $6.2 million earlier this year, making this the first case of a drug company getting accused of kickbacks by investigators using publicly available spend and prescription data.

In this presentation by Brian A. Dahl, Principal, Dahl Compliance Consulting LLC, and Mohammad Ovais, Founder & CEO, qordata review the cases against Insys Therapeutics and look at the data used as part of the allegations. The presentation will further provide information on the ways in which compliance teams can take a proactive approach to analyze publicly available data as a means of avoiding the risks of kickback violations.