CEO Of qordata Chairs Panel On Creating Business Opportunities Using Open Payments Data

Philadelphia, 16th June 2017: Mohammad Ovais, CEO, and founder of qordata, chaired an innovation panel at the 8th Aggregate Spend and Sunshine Act Conference.

Addressing questions on “Creating Business Opportunities Using Open Payments Data,” Mohammad Ovais, with the help of an esteemed panel, which included Ben Yao from Astellas and Michael O’Connor from Alexion, drew comparisons between compliance analytics practices between the US and Europe, particularly with reference to published data. He also addressed questions and elicited responses from the audience on the commercial use of data for refined targeting, and the use of transparency data beyond reporting.

Assigning value to types of data is one of the trickier aspects of their function, and compliance professionals regularly battle the delay and resource pressure brought on by dirty data. This was another facet highlighted by Mohammad Ovais during the event. The use of data visualization tools, like dashboards, is a helpful addition to the compliance professionals’ toolkit. The panel and the audience learned how the demand for increasingly sophisticated dashboards has been growing in the pharmaceutical compliance space, and how this tool can translate into competitive strengths.

Equally important areas—such as compliance monitoring, business benchmarking, relevant use of public data with respect to competitors, subsidiaries, and pharmaceuticals’ own historical performance—were also topics that came up in the panel discussion.

The session concluded with an exchange on data limitations, privacy issues and practical implications of spend data analytics in the pharmaceutical compliance space.

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About qordata: qordata is an organization providing Data Management and Business Intelligence Solutions to clients in the Life Sciences Industry. It employs Big Data, analytics and integration and MDM to facilitate clients in decision making related to Compliance and Transparency.