Europe’s Largest Global Pharmas Now Use qordata’s Compliance Insights-EU

30th August 2017: The centrality of data analytics in pharmaceutical compliance and transparency continues to get reinforced as more and more organizations acquire specialized solutions for their compliance reporting.

qordata is privileged to include some of the world’s most respected and long-established manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.

It recently entered a strategic relationship with one of Europe’s most renowned pharmaceutical brands, which ranks in the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. It has led the industry with pioneering research, product development and innovation for almost two hundred years, and has a strong presence in as many markets. The client has engaged Compliance Insights-EU, qordata’s dedicated platform for pharmaceutical compliance and transparency professionals.

“High-performance products create their own demand, invoke strong customer loyalty and help lead the industry forward,” said Zafar Ahmed, Head of Sales and Marketing at qordata. “Although we consider ourselves a young company, we are proud of the customer loyalty we have earned. We continue to earn it with referential growth of the client base, relationship expansion and a 100% re-subscription rate.”

Commenting on the most recent Compliance Insights-EU relationship, he said, “We are extremely honored by our client’s endorsement of Compliance Insights-EU. The fact that one of the world’s global leaders is now our client is testimony to the quality and performance of qordata’s products.”

As pharmaceutical transparency gathers industry momentum in EU, more and more medical drug and device manufacturers are seeking data-centric solutions to help them meet their compliance needs. The role of SaaS data analytical tools has been recognized as a means of leveraging this data for external compliance.

Solutions by qordata achieve this together with providing client organizations with strategic data views and competitive benchmarking capabilities. As a result, their internal compliance becomes more efficient, extends additional value-added output to other functions, and aligns planning, business and other functions more cohesively for the organization.

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About qordata: qordata offers SaaS (Software as a Service) products to manufacturers in the medical drug and device industry. With qordata’s data-centric solutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers achieve greater compliance and transparency in their spend data; gain enhanced commercial and strategic insights and manage physician engagement better.