Mohammad Ovais A Keynote Speaker At The 5th Annual Compliance & Transparency Conference

Zurich, Switzerland: Mohammad Ovais, CEO and Founder of qordata, was one of the keynote speakers at the 5th Annual Corporate Compliance & Transparency Conference in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

In his address, Mr. Ovais described how qordata, one of the foremost providers of a SaaS Solution for Pharmaceutical Compliance, Business Intelligence and HCP/HCO Engagement, has identified and resolved transparency issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Assisting Compliance Professionals internally monitor Pharmaceutical and Device Spend Issues has been the starting point for more sophisticated solutions from qordata. These solutions go a step further by developing customized data models, employing analytics and representing them in sophisticated, visually appealing dashboards. Users have the flexibility of generating customized spend reports by conducting multi-party, drill-down and drill-up analysis.

These reports assist Ethics and Compliance Committees, Transparency Boards and Internal Audit decision-makers in implementing ethical best-practices and asserting decisions related to the same.

As Mohammad Ovais recounted in his address, Pharmaceutical Clients often spoke of the disputes arising in data due to no or revoked Physician Consent in Europe. This is how HCPEngage, a solution which respected physician privacy while complying with the EU Transparency Directive, was introduced by qordata.

Mr. Ovais addressed questions on how solutions by qordata reflect the specific regional requirements of each market it operates in—primarily North America, EFPIA member states, extending to other clients in Europe. Challenges posed by new EU Data Protection Rules have also been built into qordata’s product offering, and were highlighted during the conference.

The Corporate Compliance & Transparency Conference in the Pharmaceutical Industry, which concluded on 23rd February 2017, draws some of the world’s most important decision makers in the Life Sciences Industry each year.

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