Pharma Professionals Agree: Pre-Submission Analytics A Critical Element Of Best Compliance Practices

Philadelphia, 25th January 2018: Delegates from across the North American medical drug and device industry assembled for the second day of “Life Sciences Data Analytics And Decisions”. The conference encouraged a healthy cross-section of pharmaceutical professionals to participate in the event, thereby allowing decision makers even outside the realm of transparency and compliance to witness the importance of data visualization and compliance reporting tools.

A workshop/presentation titled “Assess Your Risk Profile While Using Data Analytics” drew a very positive response from the participants.

Conducted by Mohammad Ovais, CEO and founder, qordata and Paul Steele, Director Transparency Reporting at Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc, the workshop facilitated pharmaceutical professionals on all core aspects of risk profiling.

Employing the live case of a pharmaceutical company whose poor compliance practices have drawn public outcry and legal action, the workshop helped participants identify how to go about physician profiling by spend. Step-by-step, participants learnt how to use data visualization tools to isolate high-risk physicians by number of prescriptions, spend amount etc and provide physician “Reputation Scores.”

Earlier in the workshop, they had learned how Open Payments Data (Medicare Part D) can help identify high-risk spend as a function of prescriptions and more.

Participants agreed that the intensity of work required to maintain report accuracy needs as much automation as possible. In this regard, pre-submission analytics are necessary in summarizing and presenting large volumes of data in comprehensive, user-friendly formats. They also substantially reduce the amount of hours invested in reworking erroneous or missing data.

During the workshop, participants also made a comparison between the benefits of proactive and reactive risk assessment for their respective organizations.

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