qordata Introduces EU Pharma To Its Solution Suite At GDPR Life Sciences Bootcamp

London, 14th November 2017: qordata officially launched its GDPR Solution Suite at the GDPR Life Sciences Bootcamp today.

As a well-known service provider of top-of-the-line spend data analytics solutions in the North American medical drug and device industry, qordata has longstanding expertise in helping pharmaceutical companies make the most out of their data. In the GDPR Life Sciences Bootcamp, several audience members were already familiar with Compliance Insights-EU, a qordata solution that primarily assists with pharma spend data analytics, planning and enhancing transparency.

At the Bootcamp, compliance and transparency professionals from across the EU were introduced to qordata’s custom solutions for GDPR Compliance. Client organizations can now benefit from qordata’s GDPR consulting services, which offer a comprehensive assessment of organizational readiness for GDPR, and build functionality for the same. The solution combines the expertise of legal, technology and compliance knowledge leaders at qordata.

Through its GDPR-compliant software platform, qordata facilitates pharmaceutical companies engage effectively—and securely—with their physicians, whilst conforming completely with GDPR’s stipulations on data privacy rights of natural persons.

This system facilitates physicians and pharmaceutical companies in ensuring that all data privacy rights—such as the right to access, transfer, rectify and erase personal data records are adhered to, without inhibiting transparency, or disrupting internal controls.

Pharmaceutical companies at the GDPR Bootcamp can also avail qordata’s Complementary GDPR Risk Assessment offer after the event.

Mohammad Ovais, Dr. Kristin Buske and Salman Kasbati, all subject matter experts from qordata spoke at a number of sessions at the event.

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Head of Marketing & Sales, qordata