Regulatory Readiness: qordata Publishes Results Of Its GDPR Bootcamp Study

16th November, London: In a brief survey of pharmaceutical compliance professionals, qordata was able to collect useful insights on the state of GDPR preparedness, and the common challenges they face.

There was a high degree of uncertainty about the type of risks associated with the GDPR. More than 28% of respondents acknowledged that they were “not sure” about the risks at the moment, with an equal number saying they had identified GDPR related risks and were changing business processes accordingly.

Almost 22% were conducting a GDPR-risk audit, while less than 15% had identified the GDPR risks and were in the process of correcting their business/computer systems.

Amongst these risks, “Data Processing” at nearly 29% posed the greatest risk, followed by “Resource management to protect HCP personal data” and “Managing internal stakeholder capabilities with respect to personal data” both at 21.43%.

Although quite a few respondents at the GDPR Bootcamp identified patient data as more susceptible than physician data, over 40% respondents believed “Physician data privacy management is an area impacted by the GDPR and were planning to remediate it.” Only 7.14% believed no remediation was required.

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Head of Marketing and Sales, qordata