Risk Profile Assessment With Analytics: qordata’s CEO To Speak At Industry Event

Philadelphia, 18th January 2018: Mohammad Ovais, the founder and CEO of qordata will be one of the speakers at the Life Sciences Data Analytics And Decisions Conference next week.

One of the first pharmaceutical compliance events of the year, this conference will focus on how compliance programs can be strengthened with Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence (BI) and other data-centric tools.

Mohammad Ovais’ session, scheduled for Day II, will enable compliance/transparency professionals to complete accurate, action-oriented risk profiling with data analytics. For organizations who already have a risk profiling system in place, the session will offer facilitation vis-à-vis 360-degree risk assessment and more.

Digitization is a lasting reality for the global medical drug and device industry. Best compliance practices are increasingly dependent on leadership’s ability to imbibe and optimize analytics for improved risk assessment, insights’ deployment for internal and competitive advantage, and better reporting. Spend data analytics provide pharmaceutical companies with value and security they cannot afford to miss.

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Mr. Zafar Ahmed,

Head of Marketing and Sales, qordata





About qordata: qordata offers SaaS (Software as a Service) products to manufacturers in the medical drug and device industry. With qordata’s data-centric solutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers achieve greater compliance and transparency in their spend data; gain enhanced commercial and strategic insights and manage physician engagement better.