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qordata Releases Open Payments Data 2016

qordata has released Open Payments Data 2016 less than 24 hours after the publication of 11.96 million financial transactions, (US $ value 8.18 billion) on the CMS Website.
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CEO Of qordata Chairs Panel On Creating Business Opportunities Using Open Payments Data

Mohammad Ovais, CEO, and founder of qordata, chaired an innovation panel at the 8th Aggregate Spend and Sunshine Act Conference.
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Team qordata Focal Point Participant In West Coast Transparency and Compliance Events

9th May 2017, San Diego: The leadership team at qordata will be leading a number of sessions in two consecutive West Coast events focused on pharmaceutical compliance and transparency.
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“Data Analytics at the Core of Pharma Compliance,” qordata’s Workshop at PCC ’17

Members of qordata’s leadership team were amongst the key participants of the 14th Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress 2017, which concluded in Washington D.C. here today.
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Mohammad Ovais A Keynote Speaker At The 5th Annual Compliance & Transparency Conference

Mohammad Ovais, CEO and Founder of qordata, was one of the keynote speakers at the 5th Annual Corporate Compliance & Transparency Conference in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
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Compliance Analytics Session By M. Ovais At Global Transparency Reporting Congress

Mohammad Ovais, founder/CEO, qordata was one of the keynote speakers at the 7th Annual Global Transparency Reporting Congress in UK. Titled, “Best Practices For Compliance Analytics,” the session provided guidelines for optimizing internal data for Transparency/Compliance in the global pharmaceutical industry.
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qordata Adds 2015 Open Payments Data To Its Open Payments Analytics Software

qordata announces the addition of the latest 2015 Open Payments data that was made available by CMS to its software.
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Official Announcement To Launch New Start-Up “qordata”

We are pleased to announce the launch of “qordata,” a data management and business intelligence startup that provides software and consulting solutions to Pharmaceutical and Life science corporations in the areas of compliance, marketing and commercial operations.
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