EFPIA Pharma Disclosure How Far Is The Sun Shining?


Europe is taking its own path towards Pharma disclosure and compliance. Members of EFPIA which constitute of 33 national associations voluntarily agreed to comply with the transparency requirements. By being a voluntarily acceptable code, EFPIA has been trying to give the local national associations more space to self-regulate. The idea behind EFPIA Disclosure Act is to have any financial biases in the physician’s office out in the open. This might help ensure that the most responsible decisions are being made for the patient – and the patient only.

What do you learn?

The major trends carving the pharma industry in Europe for compliance and transparency regulations.

Time lines about EFPIA disclosure for Transfer of Value to HCO & HCO.

Different categories and sub categories required for aggregate disclosure (and those which are excluded).

How EFPIA has been trying to prevent any rigidity, giving the local national associations more space to self-regulate.

How different countries across Europe are dealing with their national laws while also operating under the region.

Practices and strategies of different EU countries for managing transparency and disclosure reporting.

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