Data Driven Enforcement – Risks of Open Payments and Medicare Part D Data

This webinar happened on 14 Nov, 2016
Dont worry if you missed it, we have it recorded for you.

Using both Open Payments data for spend and prescription data acquired by the publicly available Medicare Part D, prosecutors alleged and sued Insys Therapeutics Inc., in the state of Arizona for providing illegal kickbacks to physicians for prescribing Insys’ drug Subsys. The class action suit was settled by the manufacturer $6.2 million earlier this year. This is the first case of a drug company getting accused of kickbacks by investigators using publicly available spend and prescription data.

With time, the state of Oregon joined in and Insys was further accused of providing kickbacks to Dr. Gallant and Dr. Rosenblum for over-prescribing Insys’ drug Subsys. As per the suit, out of the $511,000 worth of Subsys prescribed in the state of Oregon, Dr. Gallant wrote prescriptions worth almost $250,000. Between Dr. Gallant and Dr. Rosenblum, the prescriptions accounted for 80% of all prescriptions written for Subsys in Oregon during 2013.

Join qordata as we partner with Brian A. Dahl, Principal, Dahl Compliance Consulting LLC, to present a webinar on November 7th, 2016 at 11 am CST on the topic ‘Data Driven Enforcement – Risks of Open Payments and Medicare Part D Data’. This webinar will review the cases against Insys Therapeutics and look at the data used as part of the allegations. Further, the speakers will also discuss how compliance teams can proactively analyze publicly available data to avoid risks of kickback violations.

Takeaway From This Webinar:

  • How to analyze spend data from Open Payments and prescriptions from Medicare Part D to highlight high risk physicians
  • Three key similarities in high risk physicians that compliance needs to stay on top of
  • Information on reducing compliance risks in your organizations


  • Implications of public availability of Open Payments and Medicare Part D data
  • Evaluation of spend before CMS submission
  • Highlighting high risk physicians using Medicare Part D and Open Payments data

Who Should Attend?

  • CCO
  • Director of Compliance (Transparency)
  • Manager Compliance
  • VP Compliance
  • VP Transparency
  • Compliance Analysts
  • Compliance Specialists


Brian A. Dahl
Dahl Compliance Consulting LLC

Co-Speaker & Moderator

Mohammad Ovais
Founder & CEO