Retrospect and Looking Forward

This webinar happened on 13 Oct, 2016
Dont worry if you missed it, we have it recorded for you.

With three years of published public data available through CMS submissions in Open Payments, trial lawyers are working hard at mining transparency data to support and bring new health care fraud cases to the enforcement authorities’ attention. As time passes by, the government is also enhancing the ways in which it prosecutes, and penalizes with information based on this data. With the media working hard to bring these cases to light, pharma companies need to work more efficiently in terms of documenting their spend data.

In this webinar, Thomas Sullivan will give a detailed review of the 2014-2015 Open Payments Data, evaluate persecutions and provide an in-depth assessment of the congressional actions on Open Payments. He will further provide information about the ways in which Open Payments data and other tied in spend reports are being evaluated by the media in hopes of finding data anomalies.

Takeaway From This Webinar:

You will also get a hands-on walk through of global aggregate spend and media together with a detailed review of 2014-2015 Open Payments data.


  • Review 2014-2015 Open Payments Data
  • Discuss Media on Open Payments week of 2015 release
  • Evaluate Prosecutions Using Open Payments
  • Deliberate the CMS Questions on Open Payments
  • Assess Congressional Actions on Open Payments
  • Global Ag Spend and Media

Who Should Attend?

  • CCO
  • Director of Compliance (Transparency)
  • Manager Compliance


Thomas Sullivan
Policy & Medicine

Co-Speaker & Moderator

Zafar Ahmed
Head of Marketing & Sales