Using Data Analysis For Business And Compliance Monitoring

This webinar happened on 28 Mar, 2017
Dont worry if you missed it, we have it recorded for you.

For organizations with a multi-market presence, the relationship between Data, Analytics and Transparency can be a complex one. In this webinar, the presenters describe the various ways such organizations can use Transparency Data, and how that subsequently directs evolution in their Business Direction/Model. Presenters will also draw from Roche Italy’s own experiences in showing the advantages of using Transparency Data, the various forms of Compliance and the benefits of Substantial Compliance.

Takeaway From This Webinar:

  • Improved resource allocation, monitoring and internal restructuring as a positive outgrowth of robust transparency structures
  • How strong structures transcend beyond reporting and why transparency must persist beyond reporting deadlines.
  • The role of Transparency in supporting risk identification and business efficiency


  • The difference between Formal and Substantial Compliance
  • The relationship between Risk and Formal Compliance
  • Benefits of Substantial Compliance
  • Internal and External Transparency; Levels of Disclosure

Who Should Attend?

Senior and mid-level Transparency, Corporate Ethics and Legal Professionals from the Life Sciences Industry. Pharma Sales Professionals interested in improving their reporting practices via technology.


Mr. Fausto Massimino
Director Legal, Governance and Compliance
Roche Group, Italy

Ms. Alice Cabrio
Compliance Specialist
Roche Group, Italy

Co-Speaker & Moderator

Mohammad Ovais
Founder & CEO